Life of a Christian

We are back with another post for you guys and today we are going to be talking to you about what the life of a Christian is like. There is much to it and being one opens up a lot of doors and activities for you to do. Being a Christian is a lifestyle in itself as there are things that you have to do in order to be a good Christian. Some different branches of Christianity have their own sets of rules as well. For example, being a Catholic has a lot of stipulations to it while being an is a very relaxed way to walk in the path of the lord.

The Christian lifestyle

When we talk about the Christian lifestyle there are many things that we can cover such as the activities that there are to do.

Church– this is probably the most common activity that Christians she together in doing. It is a time every Sunday that people usually take an hour out of their day for to worship God and Jesus. Most Christians will get together on this day and worship in the same building. Sometimes you could have churches that even have thousands of people in them. Other times you might only be in a church of only 50 people so you are able to get to know them really well. There are all different types of churches to go to if you are a Christian. Since there are about 3 billion Christians on this planet, that means there are a lot of churches that you can choose from.

Summer camps- this is an activity for kids, but it is very fun to do. It provides a time where your kid can get out of the house and into nature as well as be around other Christian kids that worship under God as well. There are all types of different summer camps that you kids can go to. There are local day camps that you can take them to as well as organizations like young life as well. Young life is a great one because it is for older kids in their teens that have outgrown the other summer camps with all of the little kids. These summer camps offer all types of activities to do in themselves. You have things like horseback riding all the way to riding in a boat. There are an endless amount of activities that are available for your kids to do. The young life camp does an awesome job of involving activities in their camp that get a lot of people together to have fun. At the end of the trip, you are left with a very good bond with everybody you came with.

The amazing people– there are a lot of extremely awesome and welcoming souls throughout the believers in the Christian religion. How people are really depends on the branch of Christianity that they are from. Catholics act much different than episcopalians. Catholics are very strict with their rules and don’t really like to have any fun while episcopalians are very lax with the way they worship. One awesome person we know is our friend Jeff who is a business owner and a very large donor at the church. We would like you to support him by going to his website at general contractor Boston.
There are so many people like him that are in the Christian organization which makes it an awesome place.
Thank you for reading our post today guys.

The history of Christianity and how it started

In this post today we are going to be talking to you about the history of Christianity and how it started.

History of Christianity

It all started when a boy named Jesus was born in a woman who had never been impregnated by anybody. This arose questioning to people as how the heck somebody could have a baby without being impregnated. They knew that it had to be the work of God. Everybody knew about God but he was a God of wrath and brought  judgment down on many people. People feared God as if they did not pray to him he would make life hard.  After the day that Jesus was born God had spoken to Joseph his father on earth about how he had giving life to Jesus through the Virgin Mary. After that day just started spreading the word and then news about Jesus had hit all over the world. It was the biggest thing to ever happen and  then Jesus spent his whole life spreading the word of God and healing people with his amazing powers. Jesus was Jewish and he was referred to as the king of the Jews. It is not until Jesus died on the cross and erosion to heaven that people started practicing the religion of Christianity. It was created because of Jesus being able to sacrifice himself for the sake of the people  so that they can get their sins forgiven by God and him not be a God of wrath anymore.

The day that Jesus died was a very sad day for many people and gruesome as well. The Romans hated the Jews and they nailed Jesus the king of the Jews on a cross and left him to die after three days. After Jesus died there was a solar eclipse that lasted 72 hours and on the last day at the end of the eclipse, Jesus came back to life and  moved the in Normas sleet heavy stone that was in front of his temple. Nobody believed that he had been the son of God truly until that moment happened. There was no other way that the stone could be moved. What’s the stone was in place it was impossible to move it and people were absolutely flabbergasted when it happened. On the third day that Jesus rose and came back to life he ascended into heaven and told the people of earth to follow in in his path of belief as it was the righteous one. Christianity has held strong to this day and is a religion that is going to last a very long time. There are billions of people that are a part of the Christian religion and it is still continuing to grow.  It is because that Jesus died on the cross that everybody has what they have today. God was once a god that was full of wrath and only brought judgment down on people that did not follow in his ways. Jesus dying on the cross was an act of God.





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The different branches of Christianity and their believes


As you know with Christianity, there are a lot of different sub branches sub religions with in Christianity as a whole. Christianity is simply a religion where people believe that Christ is the Lord and Savior including God. Christians believe that there is sin and Christ died for the sake of everyone sins so that they can have them forgiven.  Christianity itself is not a practice but the main concept of the religion. There are many different branches of Christianity and we are going to explain those to you below in detail.

  •  Catholic/Catholicism-  when you’re a Catholic this is a very traditional form of Christianity that has probably been around the longest. This is the branch of Christianity that goes back to the Vatican City where the pope lives. These people believe that they are the only right branch of Christianity.  What you can expect when you’re Catholic is a very traditional way of church that is not as fun as some others. Their practices are taking extremely seriously as even getting your first communion takes years of classes. In other branches, you are able to get your first communion whenever you  so feel like it. A lot of Catholic people don’t believe in other branches of Christianity because  catholicism has been around the longest. It’s dates all the way back to the Roman days where they were strong believers in the Catholic religion  hence the term Roman Catholic. We’re not talking about the Roman empire though.  In the Catholic subbranch you also have a father to confess your sins to who in turn gives you a small punishment that you must do to be forgiven for your sins. For example, they might say something like you have 10 Hail Marys to say and then you are forgiven for your sins. They require you to do a lot of praying and repenting do you have your sins forgiven by God.
  • Episcopalian- episcopal’s are a more relaxed branch of Christianity that  still fairly traditional with their practices. They do not have rules set in place that you need to take years of classes to get your first communion or become a nun or anything like that. They are more of an excepting branch of Christianity that brings in all walks of life. For example, in Catholicism they are not going to let you be  Homo sexual in anyway shape or form. That is highly frowned upon in other branches of Christianity because it is not what goes in the Bible. Episcopalians believe in a different type of love from God though. They believe that it does not matter what your race creed or color is as long as you love God.  They believe that God loves everybody because they are all his children. And if they choose to love God and except his love, then they will surely have their spot in heaven.
  • Mormonism- this is a branch of Christianity that is a little bit different  then the others in the sense that they are similar to  The religion of Islam. And what we mean by this is that they were ship a prophet of God so to speak. They follow in the steps of Joseph Smith which is apparently the man who met with God. The Mormons wrote their own testament in addition to the Bible.   If you are a Mormon then you are also required to donate 10% of whatever you earn to your church. That is something that the other branches of Christianity do not have you do. It is of your own free will and the others to donate money if you want to or not.

That is our post today on the different sub branches of Christianity.  For more great info on learning about religion, we definitely recommend that you check out




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What Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have in common


Today our subject of conversation is going to be about the one thing that the three main religions have in common. That is that they all believe in one creator and holy entity which is God. They’ll have a different name for him, but at the core of everything is what they all believe in.  There are many different stories about it and details behind it, but when it comes down to it, all religions share one common ground.

The explained beliefs that each of the three religions share

  • christianity-  what Christians believe in is that there is one holy God but there is also the holy king Jesus Christ. In Christianity  The people actually  worship Jesus as well as God. Christ is who the religion is mainly based around. God is in the picture but there is much more focus on Jesus as Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of the sins of everybody else.  It is said that if Jesus did not get crucified on that day, then people could never be forgiven for their sins. Jesus made it so that people could sim, but to be forgiven allowing them a spot in heaven.  He opened God to being not a God of wrath but one of love and compassion.  If it were not for Jesus getting crucified on that holy day, then people could not have their sins forgiven by God to this day. That is the basis belief of the religion of Christianity.
  •  Judaism–  The people that are a part of the Jewish religion also share the same belief that God is the holy ruler, but they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. They choose to worship God directly not through Jesus Christ. That makes their views on things a little bit different. They believe in God in a different way than Christians do. It is not made clear that people that are part of the Jewish religion even believe in sin.  Jewish people believe that to have access to heaven you need to live a life of strong worship to God and show him that you are worthy of going to Heaven by praying daily  and worshiping at your local synagogue.  There are also many other things that Jews believe in that differentiates them from Christians, but we will go over those in a further post that is solely dedicated to Judaism. At the foundation though the messages that  jewish do not believe in Christ as the savior.
  •  Islam-the Islamic religion believes in a savior that is similar to Jesus Christ who is the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed is somebody that was a prophet of God  and God spoke to the people through Muhamed. He is Islam’s version of Jesus Christ.  The religion of Islam is also a very tough religion to be a part of because it requires that you pray  to allah constantly and devote your whole life to the religion. It seems that in Christianity  it is very relaxed as you can do wrong and have your sins forgiven. Through Islam there are a lot of rules you have to follow. These  rules of the religion are not to be taken lightly and there are quite a few of them.

Those are the different views of the holy creator that the three different religions have. If you liked this post then we definitely recommend that you comment and share your opinion. We always love to hear what people have to say. If you  did not get a chance to read our opening blog post, then we please ask that you do that as well. It will give you a good answer on who we are.

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Different religious opinions


To the people that are reading this first post on our blog, this is a website that is telling you about the different views that different religions have. There are many different religions, but they all seem to share one common ground.  Whether it be a Judaism, Christian, Muslim, or whatever. They all seem to believe that there is one creator that is responsible for everything that has happened.  Although each religion has their different opinion and view on what this means. There is no right or wrong religion to choose which is what is awesome about religion. We just want to share the different opinions and views on religion in this blog to help sort of guide you in the direction that you would like to take your religion.

We will have posts explaining each religion in depth as well as certain peoples opinions on these religions. We want to be the blog that provides you the best and most honest information about the religion that you are looking to learn. We are sorry to say that we will not be talking about some of the lesser-known religions, but more of the known ones. So if you’re looking for a place to find out more about what a Wiccan is or something like that then we are sorry we cannot help you. But if you are here to learn more about what it means to be a Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, then you have definitely come to the right place.

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