The different branches of Christianity and their believes


As you know with Christianity, there are a lot of different sub branches sub religions with in Christianity as a whole. Christianity is simply a religion where people believe that Christ is the Lord and Savior including God. Christians believe that there is sin and Christ died for the sake of everyone sins so that they can have them forgiven.  Christianity itself is not a practice but the main concept of the religion. There are many different branches of Christianity and we are going to explain those to you below in detail.

  •  Catholic/Catholicism-  when you’re a Catholic this is a very traditional form of Christianity that has probably been around the longest. This is the branch of Christianity that goes back to the Vatican City where the pope lives. These people believe that they are the only right branch of Christianity.  What you can expect when you’re Catholic is a very traditional way of church that is not as fun as some others. Their practices are taking extremely seriously as even getting your first communion takes years of classes. In other branches, you are able to get your first communion whenever you  so feel like it. A lot of Catholic people don’t believe in other branches of Christianity because  catholicism has been around the longest. It’s dates all the way back to the Roman days where they were strong believers in the Catholic religion  hence the term Roman Catholic. We’re not talking about the Roman empire though.  In the Catholic subbranch you also have a father to confess your sins to who in turn gives you a small punishment that you must do to be forgiven for your sins. For example, they might say something like you have 10 Hail Marys to say and then you are forgiven for your sins. They require you to do a lot of praying and repenting do you have your sins forgiven by God.
  • Episcopalian- episcopal’s are a more relaxed branch of Christianity that  still fairly traditional with their practices. They do not have rules set in place that you need to take years of classes to get your first communion or become a nun or anything like that. They are more of an excepting branch of Christianity that brings in all walks of life. For example, in Catholicism they are not going to let you be  Homo sexual in anyway shape or form. That is highly frowned upon in other branches of Christianity because it is not what goes in the Bible. Episcopalians believe in a different type of love from God though. They believe that it does not matter what your race creed or color is as long as you love God.  They believe that God loves everybody because they are all his children. And if they choose to love God and except his love, then they will surely have their spot in heaven.
  • Mormonism- this is a branch of Christianity that is a little bit different  then the others in the sense that they are similar to  The religion of Islam. And what we mean by this is that they were ship a prophet of God so to speak. They follow in the steps of Joseph Smith which is apparently the man who met with God. The Mormons wrote their own testament in addition to the Bible.   If you are a Mormon then you are also required to donate 10% of whatever you earn to your church. That is something that the other branches of Christianity do not have you do. It is of your own free will and the others to donate money if you want to or not.

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