The history of Christianity and how it started

In this post today we are going to be talking to you about the history of Christianity and how it started.

History of Christianity

It all started when a boy named Jesus was born in a woman who had never been impregnated by anybody. This arose questioning to people as how the heck somebody could have a baby without being impregnated. They knew that it had to be the work of God. Everybody knew about God but he was a God of wrath and brought  judgment down on many people. People feared God as if they did not pray to him he would make life hard.  After the day that Jesus was born God had spoken to Joseph his father on earth about how he had giving life to Jesus through the Virgin Mary. After that day just started spreading the word and then news about Jesus had hit all over the world. It was the biggest thing to ever happen and  then Jesus spent his whole life spreading the word of God and healing people with his amazing powers. Jesus was Jewish and he was referred to as the king of the Jews. It is not until Jesus died on the cross and erosion to heaven that people started practicing the religion of Christianity. It was created because of Jesus being able to sacrifice himself for the sake of the people  so that they can get their sins forgiven by God and him not be a God of wrath anymore.

The day that Jesus died was a very sad day for many people and gruesome as well. The Romans hated the Jews and they nailed Jesus the king of the Jews on a cross and left him to die after three days. After Jesus died there was a solar eclipse that lasted 72 hours and on the last day at the end of the eclipse, Jesus came back to life and  moved the in Normas sleet heavy stone that was in front of his temple. Nobody believed that he had been the son of God truly until that moment happened. There was no other way that the stone could be moved. What’s the stone was in place it was impossible to move it and people were absolutely flabbergasted when it happened. On the third day that Jesus rose and came back to life he ascended into heaven and told the people of earth to follow in in his path of belief as it was the righteous one. Christianity has held strong to this day and is a religion that is going to last a very long time. There are billions of people that are a part of the Christian religion and it is still continuing to grow.  It is because that Jesus died on the cross that everybody has what they have today. God was once a god that was full of wrath and only brought judgment down on people that did not follow in his ways. Jesus dying on the cross was an act of God.

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