What Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have in common


Today our subject of conversation is going to be about the one thing that the three main religions have in common. That is that they all believe in one creator and holy entity which is God. They’ll have a different name for him, but at the core of everything is what they all believe in.  There are many different stories about it and details behind it, but when it comes down to it, all religions share one common ground.

The explained beliefs that each of the three religions share

  • christianity-  what Christians believe in is that there is one holy God but there is also the holy king Jesus Christ. In Christianity  The people actually  worship Jesus as well as God. Christ is who the religion is mainly based around. God is in the picture but there is much more focus on Jesus as Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sake of the sins of everybody else.  It is said that if Jesus did not get crucified on that day, then people could never be forgiven for their sins. Jesus made it so that people could sim, but to be forgiven allowing them a spot in heaven.  He opened God to being not a God of wrath but one of love and compassion.  If it were not for Jesus getting crucified on that holy day, then people could not have their sins forgiven by God to this day. That is the basis belief of the religion of Christianity.
  •  Judaism–  The people that are a part of the Jewish religion also share the same belief that God is the holy ruler, but they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. They choose to worship God directly not through Jesus Christ. That makes their views on things a little bit different. They believe in God in a different way than Christians do. It is not made clear that people that are part of the Jewish religion even believe in sin.  Jewish people believe that to have access to heaven you need to live a life of strong worship to God and show him that you are worthy of going to Heaven by praying daily  and worshiping at your local synagogue.  There are also many other things that Jews believe in that differentiates them from Christians, but we will go over those in a further post that is solely dedicated to Judaism. At the foundation though the messages that  jewish do not believe in Christ as the savior.
  •  Islam-the Islamic religion believes in a savior that is similar to Jesus Christ who is the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed is somebody that was a prophet of God  and God spoke to the people through Muhamed. He is Islam’s version of Jesus Christ.  The religion of Islam is also a very tough religion to be a part of because it requires that you pray  to allah constantly and devote your whole life to the religion. It seems that in Christianity  it is very relaxed as you can do wrong and have your sins forgiven. Through Islam there are a lot of rules you have to follow. These  rules of the religion are not to be taken lightly and there are quite a few of them.

Those are the different views of the holy creator that the three different religions have. If you liked this post then we definitely recommend that you comment and share your opinion. We always love to hear what people have to say. If you  did not get a chance to read our opening blog post, then we please ask that you do that as well. It will give you a good answer on who we are.

Also, make sure to check out the video that we have to share with you as well as  wikipedia.org.  We give some of the credit to them by inspiring us to make this post. They are a website that has very good information on these subjects.


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